Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enough, already!

OK, Enough!

I have sat on my butt long enough. I've re-read Harry Potter (yes all 7 books), discovered Twilight (Showtime on demand preview), caught-up on TV episodes from the sublime, Glee, to the ridiculous, Fringe (I love them both!) and it's time to move back into the world of living people.

I don't even care anymore what put me into the tailspin. I can't credit SPRING, my favorite season, for pulling me out, as we're getting torrential rains and flooding here in New England and I'm not sure anyone has seen the sun for weeks! I wish I could credit going out to lunch at a fav restaurant, but I had 3 wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I'm really sorry to say my diet for the next week is gonna be cottage cheese, applesauce and Campbell's tomato soup. Who knew how much one could miss chewing!?!

I'm giving myself one more day to recuperate and then it's just time to get up off the couch, find the digital camera, take some photos and post something pretty and uplifting and fun.

Thanks to everyone who's checked in. You are truly appreciated!