Saturday, November 3, 2012


I'm afraid most of my posts for the past year have all been in my head!
Composed in the shower . . .
Driving in the car . . .
Wandering around my studio . . .
I think of brilliant things to write, 
Telling what is happening with me.
Or witty observations on life.
They just haven't made it out of my head.

Trusted Friends have been very encouraging, loving the stories & photos! 
Comments from visitors here inspire me.
I want to connect to the world out there.
I wish to share my active inner life,
Make ART,
Encourage creativity,

All the support in the world can't move me,
Until I follow Nike's brilliant admonition:
Just do it!
It's all well and good to have imagination,
To dream of living in another country,
To plan grand art pieces.
Its even better to put myself out there.
To post when I have no artwork to show . . .
No travel details to share . . .
No clever stories of family or garden.
So today I just write!