Friday, March 25, 2011

Contrary to Popular Belief . . .

. . . I did not get lost on Tom Sawyer's Island.  Tho I must admit, when I was a kid I knew it was one of my mom's dreams to be able to camp overnight there (and in a sneaky way too -- without park officials knowing she/we were doing so)!

No, I had some wonderful art adventures after that, came home and sadly spent the month of February in bed.  Some bug, something that made staying under the covers so much more appealing than getting up and doing anything.  I ate a lot of chicken soup and drank a lot of orange juice and watched a lot of old programs on Hulu!

I am doing fine now and just got out of the habit of taking photographs & blogging.  I will post again soon.  Thanks to all the well wishers for checking in on me.