Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Walk a Mile in My Other Shoes

I'm taking another two mile walk, and more photos, as I test out a different pair of shoes.

 They are pretty also.
The other pair did not work --  sore feet and blisters.
Will these work for my trip?
They are the most comfortable "pretty" shoes I have ever tried on.
We'll see at the end of the walk.

 I had company.

And blue skies and sun!

 It's fun to walk with my husband.
He notices different things, like this pretty blue jay feather.

 Ah the Honeysuckle -- lovely scent, sadly invasive!

 On my beach walk I turned left at the end of our lane.
For this walk we turned right towards coffee and donuts.

 A peaceful & pretty cemetery.

 Our family has kind of adopted Azubah.
We say hello to her whenever we pass this way.

Such a pretty headstone.

 Weeping Willows were very traditional on New England headstones of the 19th century.
For more info on Cape Cod headstones, click here

A different rendition of the weeping willow.
At first glance it looked like angel wings.
(I probably need new glasses)

What would a New England country road be without a white picket fence . . . 

. . . or a pretty chuch and steeple?

My shoes and I arrived at our destination.
My husband did too, and bought the coffee, oj and donuts!
The General Store

Summer mornings, these benches will be full of locals solving the world's political problems before going to work.  Later they will be full of summer visitors eating donuts or ice cream and thinking this must be heaven!

They sell the most wonderful Beach Plum Jam,
and will make up a care package for your kids when they go away to college and are feeling a bit homesick!
The link may or may not be working, but I've put it in just in case.


 You're looking down at the first floor . . .

 Through this cool vent in the floor/ceiling!

Back to our walk

This gate really doesn't go anywhere, but I love how formal it looks.

And back to my garden.
6 hours later, I am still wearing my Naot sandals.
They are going with me on the trip!

Now if only I could stop obsessing about the clothes I plan to take.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

 Come along with me as I take a long walk with lots of photos!
They're pretty.
Are they comfortable enough for my trip next month, where I will be walking many miles?

I headed out my back door, down a country lane to see. . .

. . . both whether the shoes would work, and the pretty scenery.

Grape Hyacinth by a stone wall.
up close

Ferns just sprouting.

The road towards the beach.

A fern faerie circle.
Ferns in the sun, bursting open.

Across the road where we used to summer.

This would make a lovely cranberry bog, if any cranberries were planted!

Cute cottages near the beach.

a close-up of a quanzon cherry in flower.

Finally, my shoes and I arrive at the beach.

The storms last winter took out so much of the parking lot it has been closed to cars.

But the beach is as beautiful as ever!

 The creek guarantees there is always water, even at low tide.

It's loads of fun to ride a raft or rubber boat out as the tide recedes or in when the water almost covers these rocks!

This looks so peaceful doesn't it?
We were having wind advisories and the wind was whipping around pretty fiercely!

I headed down the beach testing my ATS
(all terrain shoes/sandals).

I have no idea what a Skate looks like, 
but this is what they leave behind.

 Another beach
With the other parking lot washed out, will people discover this one?
 Another beach

Back on the road home

 They may be evergreen, but they too put out new growth/pinecones in the Spring.

Almost home

My favorite foot covering.

And I'm gonna have to find a different pair of sandals for the trip.