Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink Birthday Reminiscences

Happy Pink Saturday!
Happy Birthday Friday!

I have always loved my birthday!

It's just far enough away from Christmas to feel special. I'm close to my dad and we celebrated in January. My brother & sister's birthdays are snuggled up against 4th of July, so the year was divided in half in the nicest way.

I grew up in Southern California so it was never a particularly cold day. It snowed on my 11th birthday! Not much, 1/2 an inch of so . . . I was in awe that this amazing thing happened on my birthday. It hadn't snowed in LA for 10 years! I planned to wear my party shoes to school and I didn't let a bit of snow dissuade me! I just had to be really careful on the playground not to slip and fall!

And as beautiful as the snow was, I remember being out in the front yard with my dad as he worried about the snow/frost killing the lawn. Like the rest of our neighbors we had dichondra, which is not a grass at all. Very pretty, but oh so delicate. Walking on it while it was frosty was sure to leave a tell-tale footprint. Y'know I still think anything but dichondra isn't really a lawn!

Irresistable pink cake with yellow roses.

Freshman year in college a dozen yellow roses were delivered to my dorm room. I may have been a hippie at a hippie college, but I was thrilled at this gift from my Nana. When Nana found out they were sent early she must have given them what-for cuz on the day of my birthday another dozen yellow roses were delivered to my dorm room! I wandered around handing out yellow roses all day!

Today is Suzanne & Nina's birthday. Suzanne I met the first day of college freshman year. Nina I met when we were in 3rd grade and moved in across the street from each other. I love almost-sharing my birthday with them.

This has been a fun week. I've eaten lunch out every day and not felt guilty. I talked to my mom and liked it! I talked to my best friend Kath -- every time I do it's so clear why we've been friends since high school! I started re-reading Eat, Pray, Love and it's just as good the second time! I discovered an L.L.Bean outlet store and bought a men's field coat and called my mom again to tell her about the gift she bought me!

Next week I may have to get serious. But this week was all about celebrating!


Claudia said...

I'm glad you had a fun birthday. Love all the pinks - those cakes look delicious. Happy Pink Saturday!

Elyse said...


what a wonderful post. a great read! gosh, it could be a magazine essay, i just love it.

your cake is so pretty!

happiest birthday to you!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! What a beautiful cake...your photos are stunning. Hope you are enjoying this special day just for :)

Anonymous said... comment got cut off, was supposed to say "hope you are enjoying this special day just for YOU :)". Rats. Internet on an ipod is overrated :P

CC said...

Hi Marilee... and Happy belated Birthday. Your cake is lovely.. and being able to talk to your family and friends..what a wonderful gift.
Happy Pink Saturday and have a most wonderful week.

Patricia said...

Happy Pink Saturday. What beautiful photos all in Pink, especially the lovely cake.Happy, Happy Birthday. Please have a wonderful new week.

The French Bear said...

Happy pink saturday and Happy Birthday!!!
I have to read that book, I just finished, My Life in France, it was excellent!
Margaret B

Look in the Nook said...

Happy Birthday. I remember dichondra. Our neighbor had it and we were not aloud to play on it. You do not see it on lawns anymore. To hard to take care of.
ENJOY all the PINK!
~ Jany ~
Don't forget to "Look in the Nook"

Lori said...

it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday Marilee!!! that is the prettiest cake!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your birthday cake is so pretty! Can't wait for mine now ;) (Not til July). Dichondra is fancy lawn-covering...ya don't get to see that very often.
Happy Birthday and Happy Pink Saturday~

MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

Aaaw Belated Happy Birthday! :-) Your cake is so pretty. I guess your face rose color is yellow cause it's in your cake and your Nana gave you yellow roses. HOw sweet is that! :-)

Belated PS too!


Elise said...

Happy Birthday! And thank you for the post. I used to call my grandmother Nana. And my daughter's name is Nina. So this post was so fun for me to read! I love your cake, and the yellow rose.
Sweet times,

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Hi Marilee....Welcome back, and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Lunch out, reading, spending time with friends, and eating that beautiful cake....I must say, you're a girl that knows how to celebrate.


Regina said...

Lovely Cake and pinkies
Happy Birthday!(belated)
Happy Pink!
Enjoy the weekend.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Marilee!!!!
Happy Birthday even though I'm a tad late. As of today, it's still your BIRTHDAY MONTH so I consider myself covered with Birthday wishes for you!!!
I hope you had a wonderful day, who wouldn't with that beautiful cake???
Wishing you MANY more birthdays to come~
everything vintage

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

How did I miss this??? I'm glad I clicked on your blog link... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! It sounds like you have many happy memories of your birthday! I can't imagine a lawn being anything other than grass and clover (never having lived anywhere else other than the cornfields on the bluffs for a few years... hehee).

curtis03 Lewis said...

Oh! This is gorgeous. The details are finely done. I have to pick up a nice cake for my granny’s birthday this year. I have managed to book her favorite event space but there is still a lot that needs to be done. I am sure she is going to like such designs a lot.