Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Hyacinths at signpost.

If the kids were here, we would have had an Easter Egg Hunt. The last one was when our son was in 10th or 11th grade. He was new in school and I'm not sure his friends had ever met anyone as nutty as his mom -- planning an egg hunt for 16 year olds! We all had a blast.

Daffodils in the front garden.

As it was, my husband and I spent today like most other Sundays: church, lunch out, browsing at our fav bookstore (he gets coffee, I read magazines) and a leisurely drive home on the scenic route.

Daffodils ready for town festival later this month.

When we returned home one of B's friends had sent him a link to Peeps dioramas. Ya gotta check it out. We were in hysterics. Having read a lot of books to my kids, I was delighted to see their favorites featured: "Where The Wild Peeps Are" And "Goodnight Peep." We laughed and laughed and I had to share it. What will you make with Peeps next year?



Julia Christie said...

The egg hunt for the 16 year old sounds like something I would do! I love it! What beautiful pics too.


Lori said...

i hope you had a wonderful Easter Marilee!!! i will go check out the peeps link now:)