Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Little Word

One Little Word is a concept and a class with Ali Edwards.  2012 will be the second year I have signed up for the class and as the old year ends and a new year begins it is fun to look at the word that shaped 2011 and watch as my new word shapes 2012.

 Celebrate was my word this year.

And what a year of celebration it was.  2011 was my year of soixante.  Apparently in french this is the end of decade numbering; the next decade is soixante-dix, etc.  It is a pinnacle not an end!  This was pointed out by a dear young woman I met last summer in France.  Her mom is my age and she is my daughter's age (this kind of stuff matters to me!) and it was a joy to spend time with her.  Her take on age and numbers was refreshing and helpful and after that I just stopped worrying about the number!  I also loved being in a country where women of a certain age are admired and revered and not ignored.  Wonderful to see how much the French admire the wisdom years of living bring.
I have worn this Lisa Leonard necklace all year.
It has been a reminder of the word.  And sometimes it has just been a secret that even little things are worth celebrating!

So what is in store for 2012?

It chose me and it's perfect!

 I actually thought my word for 2012 would be "Create."  I bought a new Lisa Leonard necklace and everything.  But as I was talking to a friend about the whole "one little word" concept, it became apparent that "Abundance" was my word for the year.  So to the necklace I added a charm I got at Silver Bella and now wear it to nudge my creativity.

Title Page
One Little Word notebook.

As I wrote to a friend, who is also taking the course, 2012 is going to be all about being expansive in all aspects of my life:  Creativity will certainly be a part.  So will finding the funds to put a new, badly needed roof on part of our house!  I look to see abundance of spirit, creativity and peace as each month I delve a bit deeper into my word.

If that sounds like fun, join me on the journey

Have a Very Happy New Year!


Naomi said...

Hi Marilee,
Such a great idea to wear the necklace as a reminder. I need to order one! I love "celebrate" and "abundance." Good luck with your word and thanks for visiting my blog.

Nicole LeBlanc said...

Good luck with your journey this year!

Pearl Maple said...

Congratulations, on deciding on a word that you can celebrate with.
Great to see you dusting off your blog space and sharing some of your wonderful creative adventures.