Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Little Word -- Blog Hop February


I didn't do the prompt for this month.  I meant to, even as late as Feb 28th I thought, sure, I can do this.  And I haven't.  Still I signed up for the blog hop and I'm not going to bail on that.  So as I was driving around yesterday, assiduously avoiding being at home where I might work on the assignment, without my camera where I might take suitable photos, I thought.  What was so tough about this assignment?  What was the assignment?  What was so difficult about dealing with abundance this month?

"This month is all about cultivating an awareness of the ways in which our words exist in the world around us." 

Had I done this?  Not consciously.  However, this whole month I have been distinctly aware of how much stuff exists in the world around me.  And that has made me aware of the excesses of my word.  Over-Abundance -- too much to the point of overwhelm!

 At the beginning of the month a friend and I went to a large wholesale gift show.
Aisles and Rows of stuff to buy for one's shop.  Handmade jewelry, fancy china, stationery, books, linens galore.

Beautiful things.  Things from all over the world.  And every choice a company offers! 
After three days I thought my head would explode.

I returned home to an exciting prospect and a new direction for my shop. *I'll tell you about it when things are finalized.*  But it means the shop needs to be open, and also spacious inside.  And for the shop to be open a person needs to be able to walk in the front door.  And for a person to walk in the front door, etc, a lot of s-t-u-f-f needs to cleared off the floor and out of the shop.  I was confronted once again by an over-abundance of things.  

 I've been clearing out and doing displays simultaneously.
Here are 2 shelves ready for shop opening.

Pull back and you see chairs to be painted, ribbon to be priced and display pieces to be properly placed.

 Pull back further and you see what my month has been like.  And this is so much better; you can now see the carpet!  This is the over-abundance of things I have been dealing with.  I hesitated to show this full size. . . whew that's a lot of ****  Not the sort of photo I want permanently in my pretty OLW notebook!   So, I'll get to this month's assignment eventually.  Knowing what's going on with me always helps with stops & blocks.  I'm actually looking forward to taking photos that express abundance in a way that supports me.   It was not a very pleasant thought that my head might explode!
This blog hop goes live at 8 am pst, so check back after that if you're here earlier.
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Catherine said...

It's a perfect picture for your OLW album, it is what your life is right now, this moment. Remember it won't always be like this. And Ali always encougages us to do what feels right, we do not have to follow her plan, and you didn't. Hooray that you posted honestly and encouraed us all to so do.
Hugs sweetie,

Missus Wookie said...

Isn't it odd how it is lovely looking at a small detail shot is inspiring and then you pull out and hesitate? I'm glad you took the photo and wish you luck in finishing the sorting and organizing.

Over-abundance is such a blessing and a curse I find.

Cynthia said...

That photo is perfect for your OLW album Marilee - it is where you are right now and when you get everything taken care of and have your after shot you will know what you have done. Thank you for your post; open, honest and so appropo about the overwhelming amount of stuff and doing we all deal with all the time. Btw, your shop looks lovely and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Kimberlee Gerstmann said...

Great post. I love the honesty. I also love love the first picture and wish I could have been there... the numbers on the wall are so amazing looking.

Rebekah said...

Love the different views and your honesty. I have been feeling the urge to declutter too and want to dig in a little at a time. I like to use my timer, doing 15 min at a time and watching the progress!

kelly said...

even if you didn't do the assignment, it sounds like your word has been active in your life - and that's what's most important. :) love, kelly

ScrappnBee said...

I love the story and the pictures! How apropos! I am sure that you can encorporate it in your OLW album...nobody says that you have to do the homework just like the teacher! LOL! The shop is lookin great! Good luck with the abundance and Good luck with your OLW in March! -Amanda

Ruth said...

This is a perfect post to include in your OLW album ~ it's exactly your word for February.
Good luck!

Naomi said...

How apropos! Over-abundance can be a huge issue in itself. I feel that my life would be far simpler if I gave away half our belongings and then cancelled half of our activities!

MonicaB said...

Wonderful post! I love how honest you are being with yourself and us. I'm glad you still joined in on the hop. Best wishes for getting your shop ready to open.

jamie said...

i love your post.
i love your insight.
(i love that you have this shop and i wanna come help you!!!)
the insight you have, even with not having 'done the prompts' is wonderful.
it's not about the prompts, its about what the word is doing for you.

Elyse said...

hi marilee,

love your 'sew charming' display. so wendy addison/tinsel trading.

looks like a lot of cool stuff in there! have fun sorting and displaying!


Donna said...

I love the honesty of your post. I think your pictures show the way the word is speaking to you now. Soon you'll have finished sorting and things will be sold. Your areas of abundance will change. I'm looking forward to seeing where your word takes you. I see your January page below. I remember thinking then how beautiful it was. I wish you beauty this month.

singularly ordinary said...

I love this post! Great thoughts on your word. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

I think you completed the assignment just perfectly! I enjoyed reading your words and agree....we are surrounded by so much we sometimes tune it all out. Good for you!

K. Hutson said...

I also struggled with the assignment.
But as someone wise from the class told me, you sometimes just have to live your word - and the rest will come.

Thanks for sharing your journey and your struggles. The authentic nature of your post is appreciated.

Pearl Maple said...

Great post, your photos and story does tell of abundance, you many not have actively cultivated it but with ideas and options and lists of things to do, it sure sounds like abundance to me!
Must join in the blog hop this month, just as soon as I figure out how to create the ideas dancing in my head.

Pearl Maple said...

Great post, your photos and story does tell of abundance, you many not have actively cultivated it but with ideas and options and lists of things to do, it sure sounds like abundance to me!
Must join in the blog hop this month, just as soon as I figure out how to create the ideas dancing in my head.

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Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!

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