Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Walking Retreat

More pictures than words this post

This beautiful image is from a walking retreat I took a week and a half ago.

I recently joined a women's business group and met Helen, one of the members.  She gave out flyers at our last meeting about walking retreats she leads.  This one sounded wonderful and fit in my schedule.  So on Saturday I headed out to Nickerson State Park to "step into my dream life!"  Helen led our group of 3 women.

In the background of this photo you can see another pond, 
that's where we started, about 5 minutes apart so it was a solitary walk.

 Our journey began as we stepped onto the path.

 It was so beautiful and quiet.
Our instructions were to notice our surroundings with all our senses.

We stopped by this pond to write about what ideas and thoughts had come to us on our walk.

I've been thinking about my challenges making art this summer.

This particular walk was perfect.  The trees, plants, terrain reminded me of forest trails at summer camp, backpacking in The Sierra.  All getting me in touch with my younger self who wanted to be an artist and could see my whole life stretch ahead of me

Back on the path.
We could choose to walk alone or with the others.
I choose to walk alone.


 We stopped again at another pond for more reflection
and to write a letter to ourselves reminding us of the insights we had gained.

I think art should be as easy as breathing!
So, what stands in the way?
  I loved the discussion and am so grateful for the input of these 3 women that day!

Back on the path again,
We headed back to our trailhead and the end of the retreat.

What a perfect morning.
I walked in a beautiful setting.
The company was inspiring.
And I have been able to put into practice some of the ideas shared with me.

I can't wait for next Spring when Helen will do this again.

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Emma Joy said...

Beautiful photos! God's creation of lakes, ponds, oceans, flowers, rain, snow, etc. is truly stunning to behold!

It is nice you were able to enjoy a sweet time of taking a walk with others. Walks are always pleasant!

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