Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 3 -- Flea Markets

I've been selling at flea markets for four years.

There's a cameraderie, a friendship that develops with the other dealers.  They are such generous people and one of the best things about being a vendor is the folks I get to see each week.

  Watching the vendors at the French brocantes made me think that it's possible these vendors have the same feelings about each other also.

In the town of Menerbes, we went to a vide grenier, which literally means cleaning the attic.  These are held yearly in villages -- it's a whole village tag sale.  One finds clothes, toys, furniture, books from book dealers, books a family no longer wants, and other treasures.  

 I purchased these beautiful cards of buttons and the gloves to sell
and a book to use in an art project.

The book, titled Le General Douraukine, apparently is a 19th c. tale of caution.  As the vendor shared the story, it sounded much like Dickens:  a bad man, who hurts orphans and in the end the orphans triumph.  I loved that the vendor wanted to share the story with me!
Is there something about book lovers which we see in each other?

Next the brocante at Carpentras:
I got the most amazing paper and other finds for collage and sale, but I was so entranced by what was offered, I got no photos of the actual market.  I know, I'm a sorry artful blogger!  

Last we went to a market written up in all the books, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.  I didn't purchase anything there, but the vendors allowed me to take photos -- so my favorite things:

 Beautiful embroidery thread

 Victorian White Linen Slips

and for my friend Shelby, a photo of exactly the sort of thing she sells.
Sorry you didn't fit in my suitcase, Shelby!

Sun 5 Oct

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