Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Altered Book Project . . . continued

This is an amazing learning experience. I have discovered one of the most important things to do is rip out pages! Books are not really designed to have dimensional objects in them. So to accommodate the thickness of ribbon, brads, etc, you really need to get rid of a lot of paper. All the pages I painted and showed in my previous altered book post had to be removed, tho I kept them and will use them either in this project or another.

Here are the second pages in my altered book:

For these pages, I used gesso as a kind of whitewash over the green glaze. Then I used the gesso again over some of the images and elements. The chicken wire is part of a Stampington & Co set called Bird Santuary. I worked on these two pages before gluing them to the following pages. I knew I wanted to add brads and wanted to enclose the brads. It works better for hiding the back side of brads, but the gluing does not go as easily. If you have to see something before you know it's right, then I highly recommend a restickable glue stick. A little like post-it notes, it allows you to place your items together without affixing them permanently.

Mary is working on her own book and it is wonderful. I love the soft quality to her backgrounds. I'm glad we decided not to have a theme, cuz I'm finding each new page seems to call forth a different story. It will be interesting to see if at the end there is something unifed about the book. Will I say, "Oh, that was what I was going for."



Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

your pages are GORGEOUS! love the green

xoxo heather said...

I didn't realize the pages had to be torn out when I started doing these kind of things, and I have books that will never close. Yes, it does make a big difference!

That chicken wire is a really nice touch.

Natasha Burns said...

Loving your book and how it is coming along! Green's my favourite colour and you've made such a gorgeous spread. Loving the chicken wire stamp, I did a double take thinking you had used real chicken wire in your book!

LiLi M. said...

I love this project. Beginning January I had my resolutions on my blog and one of them was art journaling (in stead of eating chocolate!). But I'm still on the chocolate and didn't do a page of art journaling :-(
Still I think this is very inspiring. Seeing your beautiful pages, I like the chicken wire, is this a stamp? Thanks for sharing!

Kay said...

I'm really excited to follow along on your altered book journey, never having made one myself. I've been intrigued, but never taken the plunge. Your project looks fantastic, so far. Can't wait to see where your creativity takes you, and what advice you will have for those of us who are letting you be the guinea pig before starting one of our own.