Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday Field Trip

On Friday night I went to Colorful Creations.
They are a world-class scrapbooking store in Hyannis, MA.
Currently they are getting ready for crop on the cape 2009, a weekend extravaganza. This is an annual event, one that folks love and come from far away to join the fun.

They offer all sorts of classes and have a really nice dedicated classroom and work area. A couple weeks ago I got a notice about a course in making a journal, it looked fun and I signed up!

I had every intention of documenting every step of this class, but I got so into the work, I forgot to take any photos of the process and the other participants!

This is the front on my book.

The book is made of a canvas material with sticky back. I painted it, stamped it, added paper circles and then sewed it to the brown patterned fabric to make the cover for the book.

The kit for the class came with new music, ledger, graph paper and manilla cardstock. I added the remaining piece of scrapbook paper used for the medallions on the cover. It would be fun to add vintage paper and other bits from one's stash. The paper is held in pace with a ribbon, so it is possible to add more paper later.

This is the back of my book.

It started out as the front and then I didn't like the way I had stamped the dragonflys. I painted the cover -- a lot! It took a while to get it the way I wanted. The scallop circles, front and back, are a "mother of invention" solution (sadly, Frank Zappa was no where to be found!). Under the paper circles is a bit of a mess with crackle paint (I should never use it), and metallic paint that bubbled ugly. So, I found a great piece of paper (it being a scrapbook store they have a wonderful selection), used the punch and affixed the circles over my mistakes. I love how it turned out!

~ Marilee


Mary Green said...

Very'll be selling them on Etsy soon!

Anonymous said...

Marvellous work !!! I love it !!! and incredible shop !!! We don't have one like this one here ! not so many things !!! It is an enormous shop ! with only scrapbook things ? Incredible ! You make me dreaming !!!