Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For My Mom's Birthday

I asked my mom to send me photos of herself as a young girl and this is my favorite. This one is a very subtly handcolored b&w photo. It's just so cute!

Next month, my mom will turn 80 years old. She's an awfully young 80. She lives in her own house, gardens, drives and travels. She has a new gentleman friend. She tap dances in a troup that performs at senior centers and nursing homes. When she first joined this group, she was the youngest member. That was more than 25 years ago.

My brother, sister and I are throwing Mom a party and I made the invitations.

I used the great photo inside, and on the outside, asked the question,
"Guess Who's Turing 80?"

The front has scrapbook paper, vellum, diamond dust and embellishments. It was a lot of fun to do, tho I'm glad there were not 50 invitees. Each one is just a bit different. I have tried, but I'm just not sure I am capable of making the same thing exactly more than once!

I mail the invites tomorrow and then I wait to hear from Mom about how she likes them.



Kay said...

Your invitations are wonderful, and the picture of your Mom is so cute. I love using photos on invitations, as well. They become keepsakes for those who receive them. Happy 80th Birthday to your beautiful Mom, she sounds like a very special lady.


Natasha Burns said...

I'm certain she will like them, they're very special! Your mom's photo is lovely. Happy 80th birthday to her! She sounds like what we would all want to be when we are 80