Saturday, February 14, 2009

Puppy Love Tag Swap

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today has been a day of lovely treasures arriving in the mail. This card is from my friend Sarah who sends annual Valentine's Day cards with a letter updating her friends on the year's events. This one is particularly lovely and the sentiment is one I wish to share with everyone.

This package also arrived today:

It was very difficult to set up the photograph instead of tearing the package open.

I love each and every tag. They are so pretty. Each one is unique and creative and the book works perfectly together! Thank you to each of the artists and thank you Karla for putting together such a wonderful treat!

This is the front of the tag book with Karla's cover, a golden heart charm and the cutest pink scottie dog,

Next is a tag by Hope in lovely shades of pink, beige, and brown. I love the extra bits of ribbon she added at the top and all the embellishments.

These tags are by Nancy and Samantha Miranda and have such sweet images of young love.

You can see Samantha Miranda's lovely cut out vintage wallpaper rose and the back of Nancy's pretty tag.

I love the colors on Carrie's tag. I don't know if you can see all the details she put into this. The next photo, the tag off the the right shows the back with just as much care as the front!

Karoline's tag has a little puppy valentine that slips out of the pocket. She has also included one of my favorite elements -- buttons!

The last tag was made by Eleanor and is a fitting royal end of the book. The puppy, embellished button, ribbons, gold rick-rack and music all make me smile.

Happy Valentine's Day. ~Marilee

p.s. Samantha Miranda and Carrie, if you would like a link here to your page, just post a comment or send me your blog address and I will include it.

6 comments: said...

Here is Nancy's link

I am going to post a link to all the blogs that are featuring the books. I'm so glad that you liked yours, thanks for joining in.

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

I'm visiting the blogs that are displaying the puppy love tags.....I'm curious how they turned out!

I love the colors in your set....the pinks and the beiges. They are all beautiful!

I participated in it, as well. I was delighted with the set I received. Mine was more reds....


Chloe Rose

Gretchen said...

So fun to see your posted 6 tags you rec'd back from Karla's tag swap. I also participated and am checking out the bloggers that created them.
Stop in and see my tags I rec'd and the post of the tags I created when you have time.

~Leslie said...

Hi! I received one of your tags in the swap. I love it!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

thanks for the link. Stop by my blog to see tha fabulous tags I received! This was a wonderful swap.

Hope Ellington said...

Your tag book is beautiful. Karla sure has an eye about putting tags that go well together. It was such a fun swap!