Monday, February 9, 2009

Staying Organized

I've been using the same format personal calendar for about 15 years. It's 2 pages per week, Days on the left. Notes/To Do space on the right. I always have more things to do each week than appointments to keep. I love making lists and crossing things off when they are done! So this format is perfect and I love it and carry it with me everywhere. When I discovered them, Day-at-a-Glance made them and they were pretty easy to find. As the years went by, a different division made them, then they got more difficult to find them and last October the 2009 edition was nowhere to be found. I broke down and ordered it from the company at twice the cost I usually pay!

It does come spiral bound, but in trying to fix it, I bent the binding completely out of shape and had to toss it. A friend was talking about the blanket stitch she uses on her penny rugs, so I thought why not bind my calendar the same way? As long as I was re-binding it, I decided to add a cover page, which it didn't come with. My ribbon binding is not ideal, but it does hold it together.

I love this harlequin stencil, which I painted on the new front cover and then added the Sizzix "Hearts, Tipsy" cutouts, silver paint pen designs, a stick-on gem and even a heart place marker. I think I was influenced by the nearness of Valentine's Day with all the hearts.

Next I'm going to make a cover that looks better than the plastic cover they come with. I made a cover for the old version and I have some of that pretty tapestry fabric around here somewhere. Maybe the old cover can be re-used. Now where did I put it?

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Mary Green said...

Marilee, That is so cool - great job! The blanket stitch for binding looks so pretty. Have fun with it!