Sunday, May 10, 2009

Auction Treasurers

I work part, part-time for an appraiser/auctioneer/estate sale producer. The estate sales are maybe 10 times a year and the auctions about twice a year. I won't get rich working for him, but I always have a fun time. On Saturday he had an auction. He is a high end appraiser, so usually his auctions are beautiful old furniture and expensive paintings. When he tells me the sale (estate or auction) is not that great, I know I am going to love it!

Lot 1, Miscellaneous Costume Jewelry.

Under the "junk," were these wonderful rhinestone and sparkly bits!

I have a project that these faux pearls will be perfect.
I even like it that they are really white.

This shelving unit was used in an industrial shop. The casters had years of string wrapped around them, so my sweet husband spent part of his afternoon getting these wheels free and easy to move.

Azubah is standing next to the new shelving piece. It looks like she has some kind of space helmet on, really they are just straw hats, in time for the summer season!

I only had to move a few things around to get this shelving to fit where I wanted it. My DH thinks I should always have measurements for areas I want to add furniture, but the problem is it may fit, but will it look good? I was lucky, I was able to make it fit and I like the look.

I am planning on using this to hold paper bits, like Latin vocab cards in glassine envelopes with a bit of Latin dictionary page behind. Books that would be great cut up (of course the buyer doesn't have to cut the books up) and other things that an altered art/collage artist might like. It will be a nice addition to the porcelain tea cups and vintage linens.

This old ladder used to be where the new shelf is. I'm glad I moved it out, now you can see the pretty monograms on the linens.

All the support from the blogoshere has really made a big difference in getting the shop ready to open. I actually see an opening date on the horizon!

The shop space has some natural alcoves. This made it easy for me to divide it into 5 sections. Each section has a general theme -- babies & kids, lady's sitting room, in the garden, vintage fashions, sewing room -- the themes are helpful guidelines but I'm not being too strict. Sometimes the most fun is finding something unexpected!

I'm about half-way done. Oh I wish I had a friend who loved to price! I love to iron, there has to be someone who loves to determine just the right price, who knows the things I sell and can remember what I paid for them (I can't always)! We could trade! Until she comes along, that is the next thing up for me.

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day. My husband took me out to lunch after church. I called my mom and my kids called me, so there is peace in our little universe!


The Whispering Poppies said...

hmmmmmmm pricing, eh? hmmmmmmm I sorta do that for a wee bit of a living (soon to be full time in Sept)... hmmmmmm

Susan said...

Okay that's it, I'm coming over. Not for pricing, though. I am not a helpful friend - just a nosey one.

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Happy Mothers Day Marilee,

Thank you for allowing those of us who have always dreamed of having our own store, to live vicariously through your adventure. I know it's a lot of work...but what fun you must be having. Everthing looks wonderful.

Best Wishes,

shabbyscraps said...

what a fun job! I would never have any money left!
Have a great day!
xoxo, Tiffany

Stephenie said...

Love your post..You have some really pretty things..I just love all the linen..I'm not good with pricing at all...I don't like ironing either..I would be in big trouble huh!!!