Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finding Treasures!

For the past two weeks I have been working on the shop. What with moves and a major house renovation, a lot of my stock was put away in boxes. It has been fun to re-discover all these amazingly cool items.

A family portrait from a box of photographs.
There's a fair bit of damage so it would be fun to alter.
There are lots more photos to put out for sale though.

Isn't she wonderful?
From a whole cache of vintage magazines.
This is from Scribner's Magazine, March 1903.

I put some of the paper into ephemera packets.
I'd love to make journals out of some of this wonderful paper.
I think I have too many ideas and not enough time!

In the center are "Friendship Tea" packages -- consisting of a vintage cup & saucer, linen napkin, demi-tas spoon and tea bag, all tied up in a pretty ribbon. I have seen these at other shops and think they are such a lovely gift for a friend. On the sides are orphan saucers with pretty and fragrant soap also tied up in a pretty ribbon. I'm hoping they will be a hit as hostess gifts.

I love to find vintage embroidered linens -- runners, table cloths, pillow cases -- I can make into covers for special clothes. I'm happiest when they have damage in the parts I don't need, makes it easier to cut up.

I think I have mentioned my love of buttons.
I love loose buttons and I particularly love buttons on cards. The graphics are so wonderful. The center card in this photograph was designed by me to hold sets of loose buttons. I hand colour the card depending on the color of the buttons.

In my work to get the shop orderly, I have made a big mess, but then that's what I always do when cleaning up!
Photos of the shop are going to have to wait.

Thanks for everyone's support.
I feel it every day and appreciate you all so much!

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The Whispering Poppies said...

Oh my - hurry up and open already! heehee I CAN'T WAIT to go shopping! =) I absolutely love the button card you made for the loose buttons... so much nicer than sticking them in baggies (as every place else I go seems to do). Your clothes hangers are lovely, too! What a talented lady you are!