Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Chewy, Get Us Out of Here."

Company's coming and I have gone into warp speed!

The view out the window of the Millennium Falcon as they jump to hyperspace.
I am a little bit of a Star Wars geek, I'll admit!

Our Guest Room

My friend Cathy & her husband are coming to visit and I'm using this opportunity to get the wallpaper removed and the walls painted. It's about the only thing that will get me to do these kind of house projects!

This little window was an addition. I love it. It gives the room lovely western light, a cross breeze, and its height allows privacy.

When we renovated our house we replaced all the windows and had insulation blown in. It has made a huge difference in the heating bills and the comfort. We have a great contractor who did the work, but painting was always my job.

The contractor finished 3 years ago. I have done a lot of painting, but the guest room, upper hallway and parlour still need work.

So, for the past 2 days I have been removing all the wallpaper you can see in these photos. Next are the last 2 walls (about 80 sq ft). Then wash them all down with tsp; tape & mud the seams at ceiling & corner angles; and prime them, probably 2 coats. When I think of everything involved, I know why I have left this job undone!

Before my friends arrive, I won't have time to paint a color coat or wallpaper or whatever wall treatment the room tells me it should have. (don't laugh, this house is funny that way and really lets me know what each room requires). Maybe the room will speak loudly so I don't wait til the next guests come to visit.


The French Bear said...

Oh boy, I think it is wonderful! I can see it so many ways, how exciting for you! I can't wait to see what you do.
Margaret B

Stephenie said...

It always feels good accomplishing things around the home.. You're making alot of progress.. Stripping wallpaper is a real pain.. So is painting.. What a big job!!! It'll look so pretty.. Can't wait to see it all finished.. Have fun with your friends..

Lori said...

oh, my...it sounds like you have your work cut out for you...that room looks very charming...i'm sure it will be lovely when you are all finished!!!

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

I think we share a few traits.....I'm a very "hands-on" person, as well. I've stripped my share of wallpaper in the past, and painted most of the rooms in our house. When I need a change.....it usually involves a can of paint and a paint brush.

Your guest room has very charming bones......bet it's gonna be stunning.

Enjoy your guests.
Best Wishes,