Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Garden Path

These bricks are not moving. They are completely still. My son is a big Monty Python fan, so I wondered if Keith Maniac hynotized them? What else would you do with bricks?

Well, here are a few things . . .

A path I put in last summer.

It bisects the 19' x 15' front garden plot. I really had a lot of fun putting it in. The bricks are from a chimney we knocked down when we renovated the kitchen. The stone in the center was found under the old front porch. We're not sure how old it is, but it's connected to the house and I think that's cool.

My son is using the basketweave pattern on the path.

This morning the path to the front porch looked like this.

And by the time I closed the shop, the path was complete.

The new patio will be behind the bench you can barely see in the background.


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

I-spyed you yesterday taking this photo of your sign (I would have stopped but I was on my way to pick up an ice cream cake for a birthday boy). And I saw your son today diligently working, too! What a beautiful yard and home you have (I've always admired it).

Elyse said...

wow -how cool is that? it looks great. hooray for sons.

i put together a new button for you and then made the change to the first. i'm working on a PC and keep getting confused about where to find the files so i just sent you 2-3 emails! sorry about all that. i hope you like them.

have a nice night,

Rose Brier Studio said...

Louise, Thanks for the kind words about the house. I hope you can stop by one of these days.

Thanks Elyse, I'll check my email.

Lori said...

your new path looks lovely...what a wonderful son you have!!!

Elizaveta Kramer said...

It’s good that you arranged the patio in a basket weave pattern. It looks beautiful that way because the pathway will definitely look stylish. Anyway, you should put some cement as a base for the patio, so that it will have a strong foundation.

Katy said...

Bricks are timeless! It fits anywhere and never fails to make any design even more exquisite. What’s good with bricks is that they do not need much maintenance. It looks good on your garden. Your son did a good job!

-Katy Eagles

Anne Florence said...

What a quaint looking pathway. What did your son use in the spaces around the pavers? Sand or Quikrete? Trying to figure our path now and like the way your son did yours.
Thank you.

Rose Brier Studio said...

Anne, My son used sand and rock dust. We have added more rock dust yearly as some of it washes away during the winter snows. The bricks have settled a bit, but the path and subsequent patio he added still look good. Unfortunately, but even though there is weed cloth under the bricks, we get an awful lot of weeds coming up in between the bricks. If you don't have to worry about the ground freezing and thawing, Quikrete might be your best best to avoid the weeds. Best wishes on your paving project.