Sunday, November 8, 2009

Play Day

Saturday was all about play and it had lots of different components.


I took the day off from glittering and Kath took the day off from policy making and we played!

We didn't go up in the plane, which is playing for Kathy & her friends.

The wind would just have bounced the aircraft around.

I am being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly in a WWII training plane.
It wouldn't work out time-wise, but the truth is, I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to little planes.


Down the road from the hangars, a family related farm festival was going on.

Broom Making

Sorghum is used to make the brooms.

Colored Sorghum.

Turned in to meal and made into pancakes.
We bought a bag of mix and it's today's breakfast!

I like the historical irony!

This wringer washing machine certainly would not be considered easy by today's standards. But I bet it was a whole lot easier than what the farm wife had before.

Vintage and antique farm equipment

Well used, rusty vehicles.

Equipment in show condition.

Notice the blades of grass out of focus at the bottom on this pic?
Kath was down on the grass taking beautiful close-up arty photographs.

I grabbed the camera out of her hands, told her to stay put and captured her "technique!"
Hard not to laugh!


Lori said...

it looks like you are having fun with your friend Marilee...there is NO way i would EVER go up in one of those planes...i am with you on that...your new camera is taking gorgeous photos!!!

Susan said...

Fun! I especially like the washing machine. This looks like my kind of play day.

Elyse said...

hi marilee,

i'm getting to be quite the scaredy cat myself.

it looks like your road to silver bella is full of fun and adventures.

love this line: historical irony

happy trails!