Monday, June 21, 2010

Buying Trip - The Sights

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.
I was told there were antique shops here, so I began to visit.

I fell in love with this charming town.

I love the pretty colors and Victorian architecture ~ my favorite!

There is a beautiful park in the center of town.

Gardens, cared for by the local Garden Club.

Paths to stroll on.

A stream to sit by.

A few years ago, when it felt my life was falling apart, I spent a whole day sitting by this stream, writing in my journal, soothed by the sound of the water.

Railroad tracks to contemplate.

Where might one go, what adventures might one have, on a train going west?

I think I would have enjoyed growing up here.

Tomorrow I'll share photos of some of the treasures I purchased here.


Lori said...

i LOVE that town too just oozes charm...i am going to google it and see how far it is from me...i want to visit too...

Elyse said...

looking forward to reading more ...


Saltbox Treasures said...

Hi. Thanks for showing us Lewisburg! I hope we can add it to our visits when we come visit in the fall. I am so looking forward to a trip to the New England states to shop and look at architecture. Keep in touch and let us know about other great places to visit.
~ Julie