Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mix & Match

My friend Amy spent most of this summer on Cape Cod.  I loved having her here!  Years ago, when we both worked at the BPL, she invited me to her folks' place on the Cape and that was that.  I have loved it here ever since!

This summer, once a week, she would arrive at the shop, play with the displays, help me with pricing,and either bring lunch or make it.

She has returned to Florida and I'm gonna miss her.
This display is my tribute to her.

Inspired by Amy's love of mix & match I set to work.

 I started with 4 hand-painted plates, each in a different pastel and fruit motif.

I found tea cups & saucers in similar colors, placed some pretty faux fruit in a center glass bowl, added stemmed crystal, crisp linens and . . . 

Wouldn't the crystal goblets look wonderful with a thick, icy fruit concoction?  It calls for beautiful silver flatware, a teapot, milk jugs and sugar bowls (and probably a larger table!)  If this was in your home, probably the centerpiece would be real fruit.

I love giving customers an idea of what to do with some of their pretties.  If this inspired you, I'd love to see your mix & match tables.
I'll be sure to share them with Amy.


Elyse said...

hi marilee,

i always love when you share a new post! so behind on my comments, even my email (sorry i haven't replied ... yet).

don't you love the slight chill in the air at night lately?


Natasha Burns said...

loving the mix n matching! i think it is a great idea, you can personalise to your guest's taste - rather than one whole set of the same thing. i always mix n match.... probably because i don't actually OWN any sets of one thing, lol!

Anonymous said...

I adore the mix-n-match look! It always feels more charming and less pretentious to me. Love your table setting!

Susan said...


Catherine said...

How wonderful to hear from you. I was just admiring my beautiful embroidered towel the other day. I just luv it.
Thank you for your kind words of solace, it is a stressful time for our family.
The post if fab and I adore the table setting : )

Pearl Maple said...

A lovely serving on inspiration there for mixing & matching.