Monday, September 13, 2010

Death to Plants

Our garden has been organic since we bought the house and almost 2 acres ten years ago.  By organic I mean we have not put any chemicals on it.  The delicate ecosystem that is Cape Cod is best if one doesn't add too much to the mix.

 It's probably why we produce such a bumper crop of dandelions each year!

But this particular bed has defeated all my good intentions!
The exposed dirt is where I have been digging:  removing weeds and vines and ivy.

 Sadly, whatever is in this bed does not agree with me.
I have tried all my usual healing methods.
So far I have determined I need to kill everything here or I will continue to be too cranky & itchy for words.

The garden bed on the other side of the brick patio is blooming!
It is still organic and agrees with me.

My son put in the patio last summer: Brick Path  More Bricks
I love the attention to detail he put into the brick-work.  He cut these wedges to fit all the little nooks and crannies.

  About 4 years ago my son cleared out the same bed that is giving me trouble and he had a similar reaction.  So, instead of either one of us digging, I went to the garden center.  They were actually nice when I said what I needed was "death to plants!"  They suggested Ortho Max.
It will probably look very awful when all this greenery dies.
 But I think it will look beautiful when I add garden furniture . . .

 an old ladder with potted plants (imagine the potted plants).
And these rusty pieces that need a little TLC.
Best pf all, I will be able to work there without cursing, crying or itching!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Include me on the list of Cape Cod garden scratchers! ;) I can't do ANY kind of gardening without gloves (and long sleeves). You probably see me drive past your shop almost every day... ONE of these days I will bypass our shop and come to see yours ~ I daydream about the inside of your barn every time I drive past it!

Elyse said...

love your rusty pieces!

hang in there, itchy.


Rose Brier Studio said...

Louise, thanks! That makes me feel much better (and you know why!). You'll get to the shop one of these days. I understand. A friend of mine opened a shop in Dennisport in May and I only got there this past week.
ps you might bring your sweet girl, I think she would like the shop too!