Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Gift Tag Book

My daughter asked for the sweetest things for Christmas.  She's away from home this year, so, I made this little tag booklet, full of coupons for the things she wanted and had to order herself.   She likes things a little less over the top than I do, so I toned these tags down.

Glinda's Girl Soldiers
from Ozma of Oz
When I participated in Karla's Dorothy Tag Book swap, I ran across this great graphic.  I thought it would make cool bookmarks.  I like it equally well as the front of this gift tag booklet.

This stamp is part of a collection of snowflake clear stamps I purchased at Michaels this year.  I have been using it on everything -- tags, our Christmas card envelopes, etc.  The embossing power is called "Winter Wonderland," and depending on the stamp pad, is more, or less, opaque and nicely glittery!

My girl has a real passion for tap dancing.  Last summer at the Beantown Tap Fest, she saw cool new tap shoes worn by most of the instructors.  They have a heart on the heel.  Her Grammy, who is also a tap dancer, is giving these shoes.  This tag is a reminder to send her Grammy a thank you card!

I guess she can thank Grammy/my mom for more than the tap shoes.  Mom at 82, still taps in a group.  This Christmas they have already given 3 shows and I think they have 3 more scheduled in January.  Mostly they dance at retirement homes and care facilities for older people.  I'm so grateful my mom is active enough to be up on the stage and not in such a facility.  My daughter can be grateful for new shoes and the prospect of dancing for all her life!
The last coupon is for a haircut.  Now a haircut may seem an odd Christmas gift, but her funds are tight  and she loves a good visit to an Aveda salon.  A massage is part of their service, nice!

She's already gotten the haircut.  She called to say she loves the new salon and the cut is good.  We actually talked a long time about haircuts, new stylists (cheaper) vs experienced stylists (more expensive) tipping and how long it's been since her last haircut.

She moved to the west coast with a friend and we wanted to get something for him.  The two of them love going to the movies.  So, I asked what movie chain was near them.  Then I went to AAA and bought 2 booklets.  They can go to 5 movies together on us.  It's a gift I would have loved when I was first on my own.

The back of the tag booklet.
I had fun digging out my old rubber stamps for this project!

I cut pieces of colored vellum to fit between the tags -- to protect the tags and because it was pretty.  I had fun with stamps and colored pens and tape.  In fact I just had fun altogether putting this gift together.  I know she'll like the gifts.  I hope she likes the packet too.


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh Marilee! What a charming gift - and so much thought and prettiness put into it! I KNOW she'll treasure it! ;)

Donnie said...

What a wonderful gift for her and I loved the theater tickets too. So smart.

Waseem said...

wow awesome tags..i wish to use it in Gift Card envelopes..when i have to design it..thanks for sharing it.