Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Giving Back A Little Sunshine

I've probably mentioned this, but I love going out to lunch --  when my husband is free we have favorite places; doing lunch with a girlfriend is a treat; and getting to eat out by myself where I can sit and read a book can be a real highlight to my week.

A couple times a month I eat out at a restaurant next to the closest Michael's.  I've gotten to know one of the waitresses.  There are all sorts of reasons we hit it off.  She is a good listener.  We both like to read.  I've suggested books for her to read.  She has a favorite series and said I might like it.  I read it, I liked it, I told her so.  It's fun to talk books together!  I always ask to sit in her section and she seems genuinely pleased when I come in.  She is such an upbeat person, it's nice to see her when I eat there.

She & a friend are going to Hawaii for the winter and I wanted to give her a little bon voyage gift.  Having a daughter her age, I know -- cash is always welcome.  My friend Mary made creative holders for gift cards and a holiday gift book and they inspired me to be creative in the packaging of my gift.

Front of card
I love the snapshot.
The beauty in the canoe seemed apropos!

Open to Inside
All sections of the tri-fold card.
I used walnut ink, distress stamp pad ink applied with Ranger blending tool & foam, rubber stamps, printed tape, markers, ribbon, a MS border punch, vintage paper, rhinestone strips.

The glittery ribbon holds the money.
I cut a strip in the card, laced the ribbon through and taped it in place on the back.

Compartment to hold bills is closed.

I went to the restaurant today for lunch.  She said she was hoping I would come in today as tomorrow is her last day -- so sweet.  I gave her the gift, and she was so pleased.  It was wrapped up and she didn't open it while I was there.  I figured she might like to open it by herself.  I'm terrible at getting gifts, but I love giving them, specially when it's to someone who is so nice!


Heidi Meyer said...

I LOVE your money holder card - gorgeous! Even after the trip, I would save it as a place to treasure momentos and souvenier paper bits.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving sweet comments!

The French Bear said...

What a thoughtful and beautiful gift! Gorgeous money holder, it really turned out so pretty!
Margaret B

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

What a beautiful gift idea... your card holder is fabulous! You REALLY ought to open up an etsy shop this winter and fill it with your crafty goodness. ;)

Catherine said...

Lovely, how kind and thoughtful of you.
Happy happy New year.