Thursday, January 5, 2012

French Market

When we last checked in with our heroine, she had just returned from a lovely walk in the French countryside.  A few days later the group went to the Saturday market in Revel.

In looking over my photographs from France I discovered I took very few of the wide picture.  So here are some close-ups of the market we went to.

 The Revel market is held underneath and around this structure.

 These houses surround the market.

 Flowers to plant

 Vegetables for salad

 The image of the French countryside

Not only are these radishes absolutely beautiful, they are very tasty.
I bought a package of seeds to plant in my garden next spring!
 Around the outside of the market vendors sold wonderful things like vintage linens.

This delightful woman had beautiful linens at reasonable prices.
Her website, in French, is also delightful.  If you google baroque brocante, you will be able to get an English translation.

A couple of these pretties from her stall came home with me!

Note to Readers:  I am experimenting with a new layout and have sized my photos extra large.  Please leave a comment if you like this or not.  I'd like to hear if you can see the whole photo, etc.  I have a wide laptop screen and they show up fine to me, but I'm not sure how they will look on your computers.  Thanks, Marilee

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