Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow in the Garden

It snowed last night and before it has all melted away I wanted to share how pretty it looks.

 My front garden.
A labor of love and fellowship for me & my son.

 The rain chain my son gave me.
He also put up the gutters, hung the chain, and designed what the water flows into.  He knows me so well: he used an old galvanized bucket inside an open wire basket, sitting on used bricks.  The fish you can barely see was a throw-away from his nursery job.  He found the front half, asked if he could have it and then spent 30 minutes searching for it's tail.  It's now glued together and sitting nice & shabby to the right of the bucket.

 The sunflower was made by a former upstairs neighbor.
We spray painted it after I saw the sunflower fields of France.
I like how the rust is slowly seeping through on the petals.

Hidcote Lavendar

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