Friday, August 21, 2015

On a New Adventure

I am back in France for another interesting art workshop and a bit of walk-about time.
I arrived in Toulouse a day ahead of my workshop, so this is what I did on Friday:

The view from my hotel.
It's not a swanky hotel in the best part of town, but it's close to the train station, clean,
and the people who work here are always so welcoming.

 Place Wilson
People watching at the park.

The view from my table

I've never been in Toulouse in August.
It was hot today, not that any one needs an excuse for a frozen treat!

 The Capitole
The view as I savored the gelato.

 Street dancers

These are for my husband!

 I'm not sure the mime was talking, but he was asking this lady to put money in the hat!

Stopped for a coca cola at an outdoor cafe.
Wrote postcards, read a book, people watched,
then headed back to my air conditioned hotel room.

Tomorrow I vist a local flea market, then hop a train to the Chateau.  I like being back in Toulouse.  This is the 4th largest city in France.  With a a large university, there are always students about.  Faculty too.  Airbus is headquartered here; my dad once spent a month consulting for them.  And there is a huge shopping district downtown.  It's August, the month that most of the French go on holiday.  I wasn't sure what it would be like, but if the locals are all away on holiday, they have been replaced by lots of families visiting Toulouse.

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