Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Camp

It's summer.
Time for campfires, arts & crafts and swim lessons.

I'm off to deliver my daughter to summer camp.
It has been a yearly destination since she was 6 and her big brother was 9.

Now she's the waterfront director and this is her view most of the day!

She and the head lifeguard met at this camp when they were 9. They attended high school together. Her friend's not going to camp this summer. It's going to be different this year!

While my girl is administering swim tests. I'm gonna stay in the area and antique. For the past 3 years, she's gotten herself to camp, so I haven't driven down. But this summer I'm looking forward to seeing some favorite shops and finding new ones. It's an adventure. And I do so love a road trip!


Paper Relics said...

Oh this gives me such fond memories. Looks just like the camp I went to every summer in vermont!

Michelle said...

I love these photos, I grew up in Mass. and miss the summers playing in the water! Thanks for posting them and making us feel young again!

Michelle :)

The Whispering Poppies said...

Oh this brings back soooooo many memories of the "Ranches" in Buena Vista I went to during my high school summers! Ha - I wanna be a kid again (just for one summer)! lol

Lori said...

oh, summer camp...well, that brings back memories...i went to summer camp on Kelley's Island when i was young...thanks for sharing and for stopping over to visit with me...your photos are lovely!!!

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

What a beautiful setting for summer camp.

How I'd like to stow-away in your luggage and go along with the two of you. Fresh air, sunshine, and antiquing.....summer doesn't get any better than this!

Hope you both have a wonderful time.

Best Wishes,


Annie said...

What a beautiful place, I wish there was something similar in the UK for kids. My daughter is usually bored by the second week of the long summer holidays. Hopefully we will get down to the Devon or Cornwall coast again this Summer and enjoy the sea and lovely beaches.

Anonymous said...

Gosh this brings back memories! I want to go to a week of summer camp. :)Looking forward to meeting you at Silver Bella...what part of the East are you from? My oldest attends boarding school in Southern VT.