Friday, July 24, 2009

Ta Da!

This is the back of the shop. The sign has been moved to a sign-post out front.

My last post said I would be open on Saturday. Turns out it wasn't clear to me which Saturday!

I went to a summer camp at the end of a l-o-n-g winding road. About mid-way on the camp road there is a sign, "Camp is around the bend." Two more turns in the road and one sees this sign, "Ha ha, we didn't tell you which bend!" And then it's still about half a mile before you finally get to camp!

Me & my sweetie the year we met at summer camp.

I've thought of those signs these past two weeks. Unlike camp's wild & wonderful sense of humor, I never meant to be so incorrect.

I took so many photos of the shop today, I guess I am really proud of myself for pushing through all the stops and opening.

500 hours ago, according to my husband, this is what the shop looked like!

It's not your eyesight, this photo is very out of focus.

This is what the shop looked like today when I opened!

Sewing Collectibles

I'm really pleased with my sewing collectibles. This is an old gun cabinet a friend gave me. She added the glass shelves and mirror at the bottom. I painted it.

I played with color.

I discovered a group of "new-old" stock and put them all together. The boxes are actually full of non-rusted pins. I'm pretty sure they did not start out life on Cape Cod! I've got lots more sewing stuff. Having such an organized place to put them will make it easier to sort though, I hope.

This nightgown was part of a large "trunk-lot" of linens I got at auction. I think it is from the 1910's or 1920's. It's genius, really, a shift that is 40" wide and about that in length. I believe it was designed to be fitted to the wearer. So nip it at the waist. Leave it wide at the hips and take it in at the bust according to your size. It would also make a great summer shift.

This silk bed jacket is hanging from a hook at the ceiling. As beautiful as it is, it is also very damaged. It looks like a cat clawed it, but that's just the silk deteriorating. I hung it up cuz I love how it looks, but put it high enough so it wouldn't get any more damage from handling.


An alligator bag from (I think) the 1940's. It was made in Miami and has a small alligator head on the front of the bag. I think you have to have a certain chutzpah to carry one of these!

Side view, with teeth.
The eyes are glass, the rest is all reptile.

People driving by, saw the sign and came in. My friend Lorraine, who has amazing linens in a shop in Chatham, came by too. The rest of the time Azubah (pictured above) kept me company.

It was a nice first shop day.
Hope you all had a great day too.


Mary Green said...

It looks amazing! Congratulations!!!

The French Bear said...

Yeah!!!!! Congratulations girl, ya did it!!!!!
Big hugs to you!!!!
Margaret B

Stephenie said...

Marilee, It looks beautiful.. I see so many beautiful things..The only thing is, I wish I lived closer.. I'd be your number one shopper.. I love how you have things diplayed..
I love seeing that picture of you and the hubby..I'm so glad you have him to help you through this stressful time...You're on a roll girlfriend..

The Whispering Poppies said...

Ohh ohh ohh!!! I did see your sign the other day, but I was on my way home to make dinner for my very hungry troops. NEXT time I drive by and the sign is out, I'm coming in! =)

PS - love the pic of you and hubby! My hubby had long hair like that when we first met, too! =) Must be the musician in them.

Deborah said...

What a lovely shop. I wish I lived close enough to come visit.

Susan said...

Rose & Poppy - so did mine! It MUST be a music(ian) thing!

Congratulations! Shop looks lovely! Can't wait to come by!

Lori said...

it looks wonderful...hooray!!! it looks so inviting are going to do very well...i can tell already...congratulations!!!

Wanda said...

Congratulations on your opening. The shop looks just lovely. I can't wait to see what you bring to SB in the fall.

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Marilee, you have a great eye for display. All the collections are very well placed....I find myself wanting to shop! I'm a porcelain addict.....and you have some beauties! I think it was 500 hours well spent.

Love the picture, weren't you two the cutest couple.

Best Wishes,
Kay said...

Congrats on the shop! It looks great, especially the gator bag, cool!

Susan said...

I found a friend for your alligator bag:

Susan Eastin said...

You have a very nice shop. Everything is displayed beautifully.


Sue said...

Your shop looks wonderful! I wish it were closer (to Maryland!!) Love the photo of you and your hubby from summer camp. I met my hubby while working on staff at a summer camp (many moons ago..) He was also working the groovy long hair thing :)

Sue E.