Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shop Pictures

My first day open, a friend came by with this pretty vase of carnations. I added the pearl buttons. I love the way it looks. It makes me smile!

I have always liked shops where items are arranged by color, so I tried it here with green.

Have you ever noticed how all greens go together?
All blues do not go together, but greens do.

I know very little about glass and don't collect it, but some large lots at auction have given me a nice supply. It looks so good in the windows, doesn't block the view and no worries about fading! The yellow is beaded lemons from a florist supply shop in a pitcher perfect for lemonade!

My last post showed before and after photos. I was able to get the shop into great shape. But I'm afraid I had to move some of the stuff in a jumble to my studio:

A sign for my son!

This is where all the extra things went!
Things to be priced, display pieces for later, paper to put into packages, stuff.

No end to the things to do!
I think a shop is a little like motherhood. You are never done, you get interrupted often, and at the end of the day, you're awfully glad you did it!


Susan said...

I must mention that it is even more beautiful in real life. Really, Miss Rose Brier, you have outdone yourself.

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Marilee, I love the shop/motherhood analogy. After following your journey toward opening your beautiful shop, another word comes to mind.....TRAVAIL! Webster lists the following meanings for the word travail:
- Hard Work: work, especially work that involves hard physical effort over a long period.

- Childbirth: labor pains

I think you got it right!

Have a great weekend,

The Whispering Poppies said...

I WILL make it in there VERY SOON... I always have an extra pair or two of small feet underfoot which is why I haven't stopped in just yet... Mama needs room to explore by herself I think! =)))

Rose Brier Studio said...

Louise, I bet I could find a few old (but not antique or valuable) kids toys that would keep the kiddles interest. Just a thought.

shabbyscraps said...

beautiful! That color green is perfection!
xoxo, Tiffany

birdsneststudio said...

Wow - awesome shop and love that you also showed us the "other" room. So much of my studio time is taken up with shifting boxes etc! Have a wonderful time in your new shop!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Congrats on your first day open!! what an exciting day.. your flowers are so pretty from your friend. you will make it through the piles. ;))

xoxo heather

Pamela Jane said...

Congratulations on a charming opening! All your effort paid off, and you still have plenty of stock in the wings :). Love the green group.

Natasha Burns said...

I love that sign for your son, lol!
Oh yes, greens look fabulous together! it's my fave colour!! I gravitate straight to a green corner if I find one in a shop, great thinking!

Beth Leintz said...

Whenever I'm rearranging my booth at the antique mall, my first instint is to sort by color, too. Love your green display.

Elyse said...


i think this is my first visit here and wow! you have a shop and it's somewhere in new england? i must click around. i'm in RI.

i wish you lots of success!!!


Stephenie said...

Your shop looks sooooo pretty..You've been so busy and got so much done.. I love all the eye candy I saw in your pictures..