Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Benefits of Smiling and Dancing in the Rain!

These admonitions came in the mail from a local restaurant. They send coupons and a newsletter with great tidbits of information. Here's what they had to say about smiling:

"You can forget about Prozac or St John's Wort. A genuine smile increases the production of serotonin, the happy hormone. 1. It's a bonding agent. Smiling builds bridges to other people around us. It keeps us from remaining aloof and separate from one another. Babies as young as three weeks old even recognize smiling as a bonding behavior. 2. It's a workout! One smile uses more than 16 muscles."

And rain:
"The next time you find yourself caught in the rain, consider this interesting phenomenon: rain is naturally enriched with vitamin B12, the nutrient necessary for healthy blood. It becomes airborne when brought to earth by wind and rain."

According to that, today was a super healthy day! It's raining and I've been outside a lot push-brooming the puddles off the back porch. And because its raining, I've had lots of folks in the shop, which means lots of smiling! Can't go to the beach on a day like today, so antiquing, gallery hopping, or the movies are serious options!

When the weather improves, it's time to go to the beach and fly a kite!
Don't forget to smile.


Elyse said...

what a thoughtful post.

i was glad to see the rain the other day(s). i caught up on some crafty stuff and baked.

hope you had fun shopping. looks like a wonderful weekend ahead!


Stephenie said...

I agree with Elsye, This really was such a thoughtful post.. I've been trying to smile lately.. I've been so miserable(pain in ankle and sinus issues)...But, I gotta tell ya your post really did make me smile..
Hope all is well..

Rose Brier Studio said...

The weather did improve. I hung linens on the clothesline. Waiting for my girl (she's the one in the photo) to return home from camp. Maybe she'll go fly a kite with me!

Natasha Burns said...

I love that info, especially the smiles part. It's SO true!