Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

Giveaway winner &
A Backyard surprise!

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Backyard Surprise!

My son & I both heard the "crack."
He, being a tree guy (degree in Environmental Studies, Senior Project - Sugar Maples), knew exactly what the sound meant.  I knew when he told me -- I think he actually said, "mom, the tree you hate is now gone and it means more light into the back of the house."  When I saw this, I actually felt awful, as if my not liking this tree caused it to break and fall over.  I'm pretty sure it was the wind gusts of up to 60 mph that knocked the tree over, not my thoughts!

The best part of this photo is the house --
No part of the tree is touching any part of the house.
We are truly grateful!

This Magnificent Spruce once stood 45' tall.

Currently it is leaning on one of our 20' Holly trees.
My son & husband spent some time cutting off lots of the branches.  I was worried the holly tree would be pulled over by the weight.  The hollies are unique, maybe the tallest on Cape Cod & really beautiful.  I wouldn't want to lose them.  My neighbors love the hollies, always remark on how cool they are.  They probably look at them more often than we do, since they can see them out their front windows and we can't see them from our house at all.

We called a tree service, they came out, assayed the damage, gave us an estimate we can live with, and will return next Monday to turn the tree into mulch.

More excitement than we planned for this week.
Hope your day was way less exciting!


Donnie said...

I'm thankful the tree didn't hit your house. We had a pine lay down the middle of our Toyota front to back one year. Luckily no one was in the car. Scary...

Congrats to Marie also.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Wonderful news the tree didn't land on your house! When we lived up the street from you, Hurricane Bob knocked down a nuisance ginormous pine we had that had grown much too close to the house (and we weren't allowed to cut down by law) ~ nice when mother nature answers our wish! lol

Elyse said...

congrats to your lucky winner and to you for not getting any harm from the tree! eeeks!

i just heard an interesting story about sugar maples on npr. how they are not doing well in new hampshire. :( love maple syrup.

keep cozy and well!