Saturday, January 25, 2014

Le Petite Trianon

When we last spied our heroine, she was busy readying her studio for an artist play date.  As it turned out, the other artist did not feel like playing, so they went out to lunch and then her friend went home to bed.  Next came preparations for a surprise clean up of the room known as the parlour and home to her husband's office/studio, then a whopping snow storm/birthday and now it is now.

Day 2 of our Paris Adventure was spent at Versailles.  It is an easy metro ride and once off the train, there is no need to ask where to go, just follow the crowds.  One of the things I discovered while looking at my photos is a severe lack of long view photos.  So to see what the Palace at Versailles looks like, go here  and to see an overview of our destination, Marie Antoinette's estate, go here.   

Here is Marie's village as it caught my attention:

 This photo is extra large cuz I am sucker for roses!
Both grandma and nana loved them, which makes them very special to me.

I don't know where the vegetables go, but this garden is still producing!

That's all for today, my kids are home for the weekend and we're going to cook together.  My favorite way to cook -- together.



Carol said...

I love your pictures. Living in Utah, pictures with beautiful vegetation always make me envious. Have fun cooking with the kids.

Pearl Maple said...

Looking forward to all your newsy posts from your adventures. Thanks for your email, we are long over due for a chat and will respond over the weekend.

Wishing you a journey of many delightful moments to savour.