Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Little Word 2014

One of the great things about One Little Word is that as much as I want to be the one choosing the word, this year the word has chosen me.   That word, the one that chose me is Mindful.  I flirted with the idea of going with Story.  It's a great word, and fun.  I do like telling stories.  Ask anyone who knows me.  Heck, read my posts.  But telling stories alone is not what I need to focus on in this new year.  What I need is to be Mindful.  And the stories can come out of that!

I did find a lot of wonderful quotes about the importance of stories in one's life.  I will incorporate those into my work in the OLW class.  And I'll share them here.  It's just I have a lot of important personal work to do this year.  And to do it, to grow, to glow, to move forward, everything needs to be infused with mindfulness.

I got the January prompt for my OLW class.  I'm really excited to start working on it.  It's all about intentions and defining my word and because it is Ali Edwards there is lots of opportunity to add art & creativity to this first page.  It also asks for a photo of me and I have a great idea of what I want that to be.  But you know, to take a photo one needs a camera!  And my camera's battery and charger have gone missing!  I know I had it at my dentist appointment in November. . . . where the heck did I put it down when I came home?  I know where the camera is, with the memory card inside, so no pictures have been lost.  It's just no new ones can be taken until I find the battery and charger (or wastefully have to buy another).  Ugh!

Have a wonderful day today.   My family will be watching the Rose Parade and between oohing and ahhing about pretty floats and the incredible use of flowers, I'll be exploring Mindfulness!


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