Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

The back of this postcard is blank . . .

. . . but the postcard I showed in yesterday's post had this great greeting:

Who is Miss Nettie?
Is she a young woman? Or older? A teacher? A shopgirl?
The card has no postage or cancellation, so the writer must have given it to her.
Is it from a sweetheart or a friend? A man or a woman?
Does she read this card and treasure it?

Who is H. V. W.? Is he a man who wants to be her beau?
Is she a young person who admires Nettie?
Is the writer a teacher? A student? A friend of the family?
Did they hand the card to her with great emotion or are they just a friend?
Does the H stand for Harold, or Henry? Helene or Henrietta?

What story would you tell about Miss Nettie and H. V. W. ?

1 comment: said...

That is the fun of old postcards, isn't it? Imagining all the stories...