Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Fun

I spent the afternoon making these new tags.
It was lots of fun!

And I had almost as much fun styling the photographs!

I don't usually go out on New Year's Eve. While I love to dance and listen to live music, I'm married to a musician. I guess I could go out to where he's playing, a local club that's a couple steps up from a dive. But he's not an available dance partner, and as much as I do love to dance, I don't really want to dance with strangers. And I do look a bit lame just sitting there by myself. . . I've considered taking a book, but that would really be entirely too rude! So tonight I am at home, happily sorting through my postcard collection and reminiscing about the past.

As kids, my brother & sister and I went to Nana & Grampa's house. They planned such a fun time -- party hats, noise makers, a special dinner. Mom & Dad could go out to a party and not worry about getting home in time for a babysitter.

One year, during college, my brother and I played Risk, the board game of world domination. He had champagne, I didn't. I trounced him!

In my 20's my friend Madora would come over and we would have pageants -- we would bring out all the dress-up clothes we could find, I remember some fine feather boas, and try on the most outrageous outfits. She was dating a musician, so no dance partner either. I had forgotten about those times, they were fun.

Hope you all have a wonderful time this evening, whatever your plans.

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Susan said...

Sometime, when our husbands are in the same dive bar, we should go together!