Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reorganizing My Studio

I wanted to write about fixing up my studio. But all I had done was move furniture --it's a bit of a mess. So, I pulled a few things together for a nice picture and viola! It cleared off my worktable and made me smile!

I have re-situated the studio 3 times, trying for the perfect place in my barn. I finally settled on a 6' x 9' alcove farthest from the only heating vents (brrr), but with loads of built in shelving.

Or it might seem like loads if I didn't have so much stuff. That's one label, "cool stuff for collage." There's vintage sewing notions, buttons -- lots and lot of buttons, paper, fabric, tags, brads, broken bits of jewelry. And of course supplies like scissors, glue, paint, brushes, stamps & stamp pads.

I think I will move some of the books into the house or better yet the library's book sale and make these shelves storage places for vintage paper and ephemera, photographs, fabric and . . .

. . . more buttons, and more ribbons!


Susan said...

I want to come see it!

Marilee said...

You're invited!