Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Gift

A couple weeks ago, I put together this collage/altered art kit. As you can see, it has a wedding theme and lots of fun stuff I have collected. I was awfully proud of myself for putting the piece together, for finally getting artwork up for sale on eBay -- it's the first thing I have put up by myself. I thought it looked good and wanted to share this with someone who would understand the joy of making art and attempting to sell it.

I took a photocopy of the photo to my friend & neighbor, Amy, who is an artist. She creates wonderful cards, stationery, graphic images. She has recently taken to copying old photographs and affixing them to glass containers which hold scented candles. She adds funny captions and buttons. She has turned her dining room into a shop and it is so fun to visit her there. She's awful busy with a family, a business and a second job -- still whenever I go visit, she's grace itself.

Last weekend I was again at her shop, this time for her holiday open house. Her mom was there and Amy showed her mom the photocopy of my wedding piece, told her of my dreams to open an antique shop, raved about the great "stuff" I have . . .

So, in the spirit of the holidays and to say thank you for all her support, I put together this collage. It was so much fun. I already knew she liked the board with the 9 squares and images. It was my starting point. I looked for things that are rather graphic in nature, found a great old photo she can copy for her candles, added new and vintage photo corners cuz she told me she likes them, even personalized it with the anagram game letters of her name. I didn't glue anything down, so she can put it together this way, another way or just use the individual pieces as inspiration.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow when I will bring it over and give it to her. I'm really awful about getting gifts, but I sure do like to give them!

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Natasha Burns said...

Oh I am sure she will love it! It's great and you have put so much thought into it too, and she will see that immediately!