Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Pretty Little Christmas

A few of the vintage ornaments I have collected or inherited.

Wrapping gifts beautifully was a specialty of my grandma. At Christmas, she gave one gift to each grandchild. She had exquisite taste, her gifts were wonders . . . and the presentation was just as important to her. She lived to be 96 and at her last Christmas she still wrapped beautiful boxes! So for this Pretty Party, I thought what better thing to do than get those presents wrapped and do it in Grandma's style. I think she would be pleased I have continued her tradition.

The paper is all inherited from Grandma, I've added some embellishements she would have loved! I made an origami pinwheel cuz the gift inside is related. My daughter might read this and I don't want to give it completely away!

The paper flowers were originally all white. I used the edge of a red Sharpie to duplicate the flowers on the wrapping paper.

It's a good thing my son is so easy going and accepts all my little quirks. . . cuz this is the least frilly of the gifts that he is getting. He likes vintage cars and old coins. I thought he might like this treatment.


Cathy said...

Absolutely loved this post. My mouth dropped open when my eyes feasted on the first photo of the vintage holiday ornaments. Just gorgeous.

I love them!!!! Thank you for sharing.

xo Cathy

dollybelle said...

Gorgeous handmade concoctions!
Really pretty! I love your vintage style!

cherished*vintage said...

What a wonderful tradition to carry on. All the special touches will be cherished by your loved ones always, and that's the best!
Merry Christmas
ps I love how you made the flowers mimic the ones on the paper - very pretty!

Lori said...

thanks for sharing your pretty little Christmas!!! i LOVE all of your vintage indent ornaments!!! they are just stunning:)

Miss Sandy said...

Gorgeous gift wrapping! My grandmother was the same way about the presentation of a present. She taught me to gift wrap and embellish packages when I was a very young girl. Thanks for bringing back that sweet memory! Merry Christmas

Fete et Fleur said...

I love the gift wrap. I'm needing to get mine wrapped soon. Thanks for the inspiration.


Lolly said...

Absolutely lovely!! Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

LOVE those ornaments! You have some beauties.

Thanks so much for joining in the party and have a very Merry Christmas!! xo Heather

Secondhandrose said...

Too pretty to open!! You did a lovely job on the wrapping. Thanks for sharing. Come for a visit.

Bethany said...

Oh these are delightful!! Wonderful ideas for gift wrapping...I see you have some vintage ornaments too (love them!)
It's so nice to see you not only carrying on the wrapping like your grandma but even using some of the paper that used to be hers :)

Zita said...

Beautiful vintage ornaments And I love your wonderful gift wrapping, especially your tag!

Lorrie said...

What wonderful gifts you've created. No one will want to open the pretty packages for fear of ruining all your work.

I see you are new to blogging - welcome!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I love vintage ornaments!! Very lovely!
Merry Christmas!!

Twinkle Pink said...

Oh those vintage baubles are beautiful. I think your son will like the wrapping ... its fab!

thank you for coming by my way and yes Twiggy is a great inspiration - get the book :0)

Best wishes at Christmas Ginny x

Valerie said...

Those are just beautiful packages you have created - such clever wrapping ideas.

Those must be beautiful under a tree!

Valerie said...

I wish I could wrap gifts that pretty for my family! I'm lucky to throw them in a bag.