Thursday, December 4, 2008

In Which We are Introduced....

Two years ago, we gave our grand old victorian a major renovation. Every week there was something I wanted to write about -- the perfect closet, pink bathrooms, the old furnace, my contractor. Working on a house and having guys there 8 hours a day does bring up issues! It made me think of my childhood, and my family and I loved sharing my insights.

Six months before, my daughter and her best friend took a year off before college and were living and volunteering out of the country. They sent the most amazing emails, including us all in their adventures, introducing us to the families of the village, giving us a sense that we were there. I loved their emails and they inspired me to write about my own adventures in what at times seemed a foreign country!

A few days ago I purchased the winter 2008 issue of Artful Blogging. I was so impressed by what truly are "visually inspiring online journals." And I was inspired to start my own Artful web journal, musing about art and life.

Here are a few of my favorite things ~ a mesh evening bag that belonged to my mom; I love the feel of it! A compass for when I get lost and coupons for wishing. Lustrous pearls. Buttons ~ carved mother of pearl and some pretty pink ones thrown in for good measure. Vintage millinery flowers from old hats & corsages.

Sparkling rhinestone buttons and broken jewelry bits. Old skeleton keys to locks long gone. Crisp white linens which I actually enjoy ironing! Sewing notions ~ I do not think I have ever found a sewing box at a flea market or estate sale I didn't like. Shelley tea cups, like my mom used to use for her bridge parties.

So, I have done it. My first post. It took quite a while as I was learning how to place pictures where I want them and such. Still, I am pleased. I hope you are too. ~ Marilee


Beth Leintz said...

Welcome to blogging! I'm so excited that I can leave the first comment for you.

Your vignettes are gorgeous and I am in total agreement with you- I never met a sewing basket I didn't like! And it's amazing what you can find in them

Marilee said...

Thanks for your welcome! I really appreciate your kind words. And it's nice to have met another sewing collectibles fan, Beth.