Friday, October 14, 2016

Getting Lost in Toulouse

Friday wasn't an early day for me.  I even considered just staying in bed.  But really, that seemed entirely too self-indulgent and boorish!  So I ventured out, unfortunately, after all the local eateries were no longer serving lunch.  I have been known to skip a meal, so I figured I would survive.  I made my way back to Place St-Georges, where the Walking Tour started, and wandered around.

Place St-Georges

Cathedrale Sainte-Etienne 
The seat of the Archbishop of Toulouse
and a French National Monument.

For all those purposes and importance, this building was very welcoming and open.

During World War II, Jules-Gerard Saliege, the Archbishop of Toulouse was outspoken in his condemnation of German and Vichy treatment of Jews.  He read out a letter which actively admonished the Catholic church to protect their Jewish neighbors.  He was responsible for saving many lives and was made a Cardinal after the war.  Outside the church, in a little park there is a bust of him and the words of his letter on a plaque.

Inside the church are these beautiful images.
My apologies that some of them are a bit out of focus.

Choir  Stalls

Rose Window at rear of the church

After the Cathedral it was time for tea at this amazing place!
I'm afraid I had eaten my raspberry & pistachio tart before I thought to take a photo.
It looked as good as it tasted! 

One of the lovely things about getting lost in Toulouse are the unexpected shops or buildings or even people I encounter!

Government Building

Royal Gardens

It's a stationary and art supply store!

Yes, I know, I hang out in these kind of shops at home, but here all supplies, even the index cards, are in French.
How cool is that?
 I wonder if they were in Spanish ( a language I have a passing familiarity with) would it seem so exotic?

As often happens for me, I found myself at Place Wilson.
I ended my day treating myself to a film in English before returning to my hotel room.

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