Saturday, October 15, 2016

Change-Over Day

On the Cape, it's Saturdays when one group of vacationers start their holiday and another group ends theirs.  The bridges are jammed, both ways, and if you don't need to be anywhere, you're smart to stay off the road til things calm down.

At summer camp it was also Saturday, when one set of campers left and another set arrived.  Those who had never driven the camp road before could be a little put out by the signs, "Camp Around The Corner,"  and a mile later the sign, "We Didn't Say Which Corner!"  Those who felt camp was their other home were thrilled by the humor!

This day was my changing from Toulouse by myself to Chateau Dumas with a group of 12 women, 1 husband, Anna the artist, Jane the assistant, Lizzie, the owner, the chateau staff and me.


 I took the train to Caussade and had a very easy time of it getting my luggage on & off the train and across the tracks.  I cheated and asked a man with what I assumed was a train uniform if he would mind hefting my bag on the train.  (It was over 50 lbs).  If he didn't work for the train, he was a very kind man!  At Caussade one arrives from Toulouse on the 'wrong' side of the tracks and you have to take your luggage down a flight of steps and then back up another.  By the time I moved my bags to the stairs, no one was around,  I really hate looking helpless, so no one had to see me drag the bag down stairs and then move this monstrosity up one step at a time!  I had dreaded this part of the trip...nice to discover it was an unfounded worry.

At the Chateau I was greeted by fen-fen and he is much less fierce than the one picture shows.

By sunset all the participants had arrived.  What a lovely group of women (& husband).  This looks to be a wonderful week!

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