Wednesday, October 12, 2016


 My lack of French language skills has been a real challenge for me this year.  The first couple times I visited, it didn't matter.  The city was new to me, I didn't expect to understand, I never studied French.
But this is my fourth visit.  I know some places, I feel a little at home here.  But without the language I can see how much I miss.  And it's not like people don't make every effort to communicate with me.  They are lovely that way.  But I actually think it's a bit unfair that I make them do all that work, when it is their country I am visiting!
If I return I vow to bring a French-English dictionary, at least.  But I may actually have to make an effort, check out Rosetta Stone from the library and learn rudimentary French.

That said, I have had a wonderful time exploring areas both new and old to me and I still love this city!

Toulouse is not just one thing.  It is an old city, a university town, the home of Airbus, full of fascinating history and so many more things I may never know.   I will do my posts about some of the things that I have found -- mostly through getting lost, but then Toulouse is a wonderful city to get lost in!

This is the delightful shop

The owner is a textile artist.
She covers all her mannequins with vintage and antique lace and linen.
As well as make 1920's style headbands.

Finding this shop was such a gift.  It was a grey day and cold.  I had chanced out after lunch was served, so there was no where to eat, which made me a bit cranky.  Walking in was lovely, made me smile.  I was able to converse about the lovely work the owner did and left with a beautiful piece of linen and lace.  The day went so much better after this!

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Deborah said...

Looks just fab, Marilee! Keep 'em coming! Enjoy your time; you'll learn new French phrases every day!