Monday, October 26, 2009

So Fun!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!
Elyse and her sister visited my shop.
They showed up just as I was turning on the lights and we had a really fun visit.

This is one of her beautiful soup can pencil holders. It is sitting out on my desk as I type this!

Elyse and her sister.
In real life, they are in much sharper focus!

Elyse & me.
When Elyse posts her pictures at cottage, they may be in better focus. She has a new camera and I forgot to turn my flash on.

After Elyse left to visit Vintage Lizzie, down the road, I had other delightful people in. It was like a ray of appreciation came in with Elyse and her sister and brightened up everyone who stopped by -- another sister duo from NJ and Washington state and a mom & daughter from around the corner. It was really fun to spend the day in the shop with like minded women who enjoyed my taste and were friendly.

Knowing the sun would be out, and I had linens to clean & sun bleach, I left a load in the washing machine to soak overnight. This morning I wiped the clothesline clean -- I do not know how a thin piece of plastic covered wire can get so dirty. 45 minutes, a bleach soaked rag & some coriander scented all purpose clearer later, I could hang out these pretties.

A square piece to put over one's bed pillow.

Just beyond the clothes line are plants that always remind me of Autumn.

They are invasive plants in the northeast and my son has worked hard to eradicate them.
Sorry Ter, they are back.


Lori said...

Marilee, it sounds like you had a wonderful visit with Elyse and her sister!!! i'm glad you had such a good time...if you post any pics of me after we meet...i actually would prefer them to be a little keep that in mind...your linens look so pretty hanging on your clothes line:)

i just noticed that you are sporting the same hairdo as me...mine is much shorter though...

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Oh lucky you! Elyse is just the sweetest blogger around - I would so love to get to meet her! And you got to meet her sis too!! Fun Fun!

I always love pictures of lovely linens on the line!! Your are so pretty!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Your linens are so yummy hanging on that line in the sunshine!!! I drove past your shop and you were open (4:45pm-ish) but I had a carful of hayriders. One of these days I WILL make it into your shop. I used to buy fabric from Urbangardens wayyyy back in my pillowmaking days... I see she is in business with Vintage Lizzie! Small world!

Natasha Burns said...

OH wow you lucky lady meeting Elyse! and lucky her too meeting you!!! i love your beautiful linens drying there, they're gorgeous! Now how does that line get so dirty?! Guess the wind does it...?

Elyse said...

hi marilee!

it was SO FUN to meet! i put little flowers in the cup i bought from you and placed it on the kitchen windowsill. adorable!

the photos of your linens and the bittersweet (love that stuff) are so pretty. the one of me? eh. LOL!

i just posted about my little cape cod trip. come see! (i have a hunch that someone will inquire about the figures. i can just feel it!)


Vintage Lizzie said...

Hey Marilee!...It WAS so much fun wasn't it!...Elyse is a sweetie-pie!...I'm staying away from your shop 'cause I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that vintage wedding Party!...They are SO cute!!!....and the linens...just lovely!!!...If I don't see you before...Have fun at Silver Bella!!!!....Boy is it ever soon!...Hugs!...Liz

Pearl Maple said...

Looks like you had fun with your visitors. Know what you mean about needing to wash the clothes line before you hang the wash, those plastic lines seem to attract dirt.

Susan said...

I love this community of yours!