Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is the San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge and it is amazing.

My friend Cathy and I started our day on Coronado Island with lunch. We were gabbing so much, catching up on 4 years, we didn't pay much attention to the view. But if we had, this is about what we would have seen. That is San Diego in the background and the Ferry Landing Pier for folks who want to take the boat over.

We wandered around some of the streets. I went back a couple days later and took pictures of houses we had seen. I love this house. It is so New England, with the wonderful addition of a lush garden in March!

My grandparents had a driveway like this in LA.

I took these photos because of the interesting shingles. So far no one has asked me, but I am waiting for the homeowner who asks why I'm taking their home's photo. I wonder what the response will be when I answer "I collect shingle patterns!"

Our next stop was The Hotel Del Coronado, an amazing Victorian complex of hotel, shops, beautiful beach and gardens. We wandered out the back of the hotel and onto the beach.

For more photos of the Hotel Del, here is a Flickr website with lovely pictures other people have taken.

Clambered over these rocks and back to the car.

We drove back via the Silver Strand, a thin strip of land connecting Coronado with Imperial Beach. The elementary school my kids attended had a "ditch day" field trip here for 6th graders. The parents organized it and I was lucky enough to be able to go both times!

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