Saturday, April 18, 2009

Treasures in My Mailbox

This came in the mail today from my friend Mary Green!

I was so delighted cuz I've only seen Mary's work online. Now I get to see it in person!

The packaging is so beautiful I wanted to document each part!

Isn't the little card with the "G" wonderful?

When I unwrapped the wide satin ribbon in my absolute favorite shade of pink,
(how did she know?)
this cool ATC was revealed!
Click here to see more!

I bet this is one of the new rubber stamps Mary designed and had made.

Thank you so much, I love it!


Mary Green said...

Hi Marilee, you're a sweetheart to picture the unwrapping & I'm so glad you like the card. The stamp on the back actually isn't one I made, it's from Stamp Francisco. I sent them some cards a long time ago & heard they might make a stamp, so I watched for it. So fun!

The Whispering Poppies said...

What a beautiful blog you have! Thank you for finding my blog and for your sweet comment. Just one look at your blog name and I had a hunch... I scrolled down and saw your photo to be sure... you know me! I'll give you a little hint... my name is Louise and I have four children in Sunday School. =)

Sharon said...

Louise told me about you and your blog. I have enjoyed reading it, especially all the fun trips you've been on. Sharon

Blondie's Journal said...

Hi! I am her via Louise and I hope you don't mind that I took a look around!!

I just love the candy basket you made. And in one evening?!! You have some great talent! :-D

I'll visit again soon and you must pay me a visit sometime soon!


Cottage Way of Life said...

Louise sent me here to say hi and I'm glad she did. You have delightful blog!


Anonymous said...

Louise told me :) visit this lovely delightful blog :) and she said don't mentioned "Beachy" because she
doesn't know about ;) Ha ha ha :) Louise is right, your blog is delightful ! and i love the treasures you received in your mailbox !!! Very beautiful !!! and i love "It's a Small World" !!! Incredible photo of Coronado Bay Bridge too !!!! Beautiful altered book !!!
Thank you Louise :) I enjoyed my visit :) xo