Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Street Fair

My friend Betty and I met when my daughter and hers became fast friends in pre-school. Betty & I discovered we had gone to rival high schools up in the suburbs of LA -- small world. The girls are still friends and talk together on Facebook. Betty and I still go antiquing when we get together.

We spent the day on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach. It's a great street for antiquing.

There are quite a few antique shops. My favorite is Vignettes. I was so inspired by mirrors decorated with all sorts of old jewelry and broken rhinestone bits around the edges. I thought I had taken pics, but sadly, I think you'll just have to use your imagination, so sorry. I love this shop and their website is a real treat!

At 4 on Wednesdays they close off half the street for a street fair. Betty said the tamales are wonderful and she is right! This stand had vegetarian, chicken, beef, or pork tamales in some pretty tasty combinations.

A flower stand.

And another!

And sweet peas at another!

Potatoes of all shapes and colors!
I wonder what black skinned mashed potatoes look like?

I loved the brilliant colors of the food on top of this great fabric. This booth is owned by a restaurant at the end of the street. As I clicked this pic, I told the owner I would put it up on my blog. "Mention us," he said. And so I am: Ocean Beach Pier Cafe.

There were other things at the street fair -- jewelry, clothing, wonderful handmade hats. But the images that caught my eye and camera were flowers and food!


Susan said...

I have a huge weakness for buckets of flowers out on sidewalks in the spring. Can. Not. Resist.

Oh! my verification word is "foodless." A ridiculous thought.

Rose Brier Studio said...

I defy anyone to go foodless at a street fair!

Diane said...

Hi there I too live in California, I was sent over here by Louise, I love your Street Fair Post. You are going to be added to my list of Favorite Blogs to visit. Welcome!
Hugs, Diane

Allidink said...

Oh my gosh! I went there on the 15th and blogged about it too! LOL I go to UCSD and I am always down in Ocean Beach going to the antique shops. My favorite is Vignettes too! I always blog about it! I love this street fair a lot of the vendors also come to one that we have at school on Tuesdays! Small world huh.

All the best,