Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Small World

Such grace. It looks like nothing would surprise these young ladies.

Not me. I am thoroughly surprised and perhaps a bit overwhelmed!

Last week I discovered a beautiful artful blog. I put it on my favorites list. I wandered through the older posts, seeing photographs of very familiar beaches. I realized the person lived on Cape Cod and thought, "Maybe someday we will meet and that would be very cool." Then last night I was so taken by the embellished frame and post card -- pink! roses! buttons! rick-rack! vintage millinery! pearl and rhinestone trim! What's not to like?! So I left a comment.

This morning, to my delight and surprise I discovered the blog in question, is done by someone I know. She went to the college where I was a librarian. She might have taken a course from my husband. My daughter has babysat for her kids, my son's first job in HS was with her family. We've just never talked about art.

What a kick it was to read her comment and realize not only have we met, we know each other and now we have this wonderful artful thing in common.

After reading her email, I left the house to get my hair done (I love my hairdresser!) When I returned I discovered all these lovely comments delivered to my email. All of them said Louise had sent them. Her post this morning encouraged her readers to stop over here and they have done so in droves. My inbox is now filled with great comments and new blogs to check out. I'm delightfully overwhelmed! I would like to return the favor. If you haven't already, do stop by Whispering Poppies. You can tell Louise I sent you.



Marydon said...

Louise is a good friend ... she wanted to bring you lots of new friends & fun. You are now blessed twice. Pop over & join me, I am new also at this by (1) month. Great people & wonderful things to learn/view. Enjoy one another, again.
TTFN ~ Marydon

SharDon Exclusives said...

Louise sent me..ha ha ha. That is what she told us to do. What a blessing to find someone so close. I will now check out your blog....have a great reunion...sharon

The French Bear said...

How enchanting your blog is!! I came after reading about you and Louise on her blog!! Small world, and so close you two are, with similar interests!! I expect to see all sorts of wonderful creations from you both now!!! What fun you will have!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilee- another one sent over by Louise!! Isn't that fun that you found each other.

A few months ago one of the bloggers who visits my site and I got together for lunch and thrifting- we had a blast meeting each other!


The Cottage Girl said...

Well Louise mentioned your blog, so here I am checking it out...and I like it, I like it! I am adding you to my favorites list. I truly enjoy many of your topics. Especially understand the block you are feeling in getting your workshop going. I too could snap an unfocused picture of my craft studio.

You are not alone!

Paula said...

Aren't these little "coincidences" just wonderful?

Stephanie O. said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You do know exactly what I'm talking about (re:PTO). Only 3.5 hours and I'll pass my folder onto someone else!

Anyway, had to pop over for a visit to your blog. I love this photo of these beauties. And the story about how you discovered Louise's blog is great! It really is a small world isn't it?