Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Shop of My Own

Do not adjust your computer monitor.
It's not your eyesight!

I'm not sure I want this mess to be in focus!

This is the project I am currently working on. A bricks and mortar shop. I have the space in a barn on our property. It has been zoned mixed-use (we can live here and have a home-based business), I have a business permit. I have the stuff (maybe too much) and I have the desire to open. You might even be able to see I have some displays set up -- the items in the credenza are all rose and pink themed!

So, what's holding me up? I haven't the faintest idea. There seems to be some sort of mental block that gets in the way. I come over here and sometimes I just have to turn around and walk back out. I don't want to say how long I have been trying to do this. (and yes, I can hear Yoda's voice saying, "There is no try Luke, there is only do.")

My studio is out here too. It's the first space I walk into. I keep it relatively neat. I can work there. Last night I decorated these really cute little candy baskets.

I've never had writer's block. I seem to have worked my way part artist's block.
Can I triumph over shop girl block?


The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Oh, Marilee you are living my dream. I'm so excited for you. I'm cheering you on, can you hear me? Some of that Disney magic, that you experienced recently, should still be with you. Follow your dream....wish on a star....believe, believe, believe....OK, that was sappy, but I think your plan is wonderful and I wish you great success.


The White Bench said...

Hi Marilee, I'm coming via Louise...
Just wanted to say HELLO!!
I loooove your candy baskets!

Pearl Maple said...

Looks like a fabulous holiday. Thanks for sharing all these wonderfuly creative posts with us all in blog land.

Followed your link from Lousie's blog. Congrats on reuniting with an old friend through the internet.

I grew up in Cedarville on the other side of the canal and enjoy seeing what folks on the cape are up to.

Bliss said...

Oh! You have to open so Louise can come shop! She will probably help you with set up :)
You are extremely lucky to have such a place and so many things...I can't wait to see what you do!